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Dominican Republic Batey Community Project

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Haitian workers, fleeing destitution, harvest 6,000 pounds of sugarcane a day for poverty wages in the Dominican Republic.

Amidst the vibrant greenery in the countryside and the hypnotic fusion of the blue ocean meeting white sandy beaches that seem to stretch endlessly, the region between Santo Domingo and the western beaches of Punta Cana, extending north of La Romana, stands as an internationally acclaimed vacation destination—one of the most sought-after paradises on Earth.

In this idyllic haven within the southeastern corner of the Dominican Republic, visitors are welcomed by the enticing aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables, the allure of freshly fried fishes, and the symphony of joyous reverberations that permeate the air, all contributing to an atmosphere of uninhibited happiness.

A Visit to Batey Community

  • However, In the core of the Dominican Republic, there are communities called Bateyes which serve as heartbreaking representations of the harsh socio-economic disparity, embodying the harsh realities of poverty and the struggle for survival. Despite the desirable facade that draws millions of tourists annually, beneath the surface of this tropical oasis, the marginalized communities, known as the Bateyes are home to a tough but disadvantaged population facing various hardships and difficulties that are often ignored in the glossy brochures and sun-kissed postcards. It is in these hidden corners, far removed from the glamorous resorts and tourist hotspots, that the true essence of the Dominican Republic’s social dynamic is revealed.

Batey Life & Environment

Sanitation & Disease

  • While malaria has almost been eradicated globally, it remains a children’s crisis in the Bateyes.
  • Sanitation is also a key concern in the Bateyes.

Collaboration and Coordination

The commitment to collaboration is fundamental in The Peter Uba Foundation’s Bateyes Project Services. Recognizing the complex struggles faced by the Batey communities, The Foundation places a high importance on coordination among organizations actively working in the Bateyes. By establishing open communication and nurturing partnerships with existing initiatives, The Foundation seeks to avoid duplication of forces and maximize impact. Identifying ongoing projects and impeccably integrating efforts ensures a comprehensive and united approach to addressing the multi-layered needs of the Bateyes. The Foundation takes a proactive position in developing partnerships not only within the Bateyes but also at a national level in the Dominican Republic.

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Your support changes the theme for these communities. Together, let us pave the way for a brighter future for the Batey communities our team are working with in the Dominican Republic. Your generosity fuels our mission. By donating today, you become key to this transformative journey. Every contribution, big or small, counts.

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