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The Yanswule Village Project

About Yanswule

As the villagers till their fields and tend to their livestock against the backdrop of the Tula Kingdom, adorned with breathtaking natural beauty, The Peter Uba Foundation’s field team assessments reveal the overwhelming difficulties that they face, their struggles extending beyond the ordinary tribulations of rural life. The lack of essential resources, lack of healthcare services, inadequate infrastructure, the strains of economic hardship, and limited access to education, clean water, proper sanitation, and sustainable agriculture, emphasize the broader challenges that persist as a barrier that is a dominant part of the daily lives of the people, their trials striking at the core of the community’s survival. Penetrating the societal organization and economic provisions that bind them together. In this locality, the inhabitants deal with issues that involve not only the immediate concerns of health and well-being but also the preservation of their cultural heritage and communal identity. Although the community, is humble, it is knottily woven into the fabric of its surroundings, forming an integral part of the cultural and historical tapestry of the kingdom. Yet, amid the existential hardships, the spirit of Yanswule endures.

Yanswule Life & Environment

  • The little community of Yanswule is a close-knit community, of approximately 400 to 500 indigenous children and families, that form a microcosm of humanity settling in the shadows of the weathered hills surrounding them. The dwellings of Yanswule, are mostly mud houses reflecting the simplicity of the lifestyle of the people living in them. These homes are built using locally sourced materials, which blend seamlessly with the natural shapes of the landscape.
  • These closely-knit clusters of houses create a sense of communal living where neighbors are not just individuals living in close proximity, but rather connected threads woven into the center of Yanswule’s social organization.



  • Our field team identified the village of Yanswule, based on the comprehensive evaluation that revealed the compounding nature of the challenges produced by the current circumstances faced by its inhabitants. These challenges, aggravated by the current circumstances, speak to the urgent and critical need for intervention and support. By identifying Yanswule through this meticulous process, The Peter Uba Foundation aims to tailor its interventions to meet the specific needs of the community. This personalized and background-specific approach would ensure that the donations collected from this campaign are utilized in the most effective and feasible manner to promote positive, long-term changes in the community.
  • The villagers of Yanswule are facing a great deal of suffering due to the absence of medical facilities and essential medications. The situation has been worsened by the consumption of contaminated water and other contributing factors, which has led to detrimental health impacts. In this rural area, it is becoming clear that access to proper healthcare is not only a challenge, but a critical necessity for survival.

Your support becomes a vital component of this transformative mission.

You can make a lasting impact on the lives of Yanswule villagers by visiting The Foundation’s website at Through this campaign, The Foundation aims to raise funds for the construction of ten (10) borehole water centers at a cost of $50,000, to provide sustainable access to clean water for the community. Additionally, donations are needed for the creation of two (2) storage facilities at a cost of $125,000, necessary structures that will safeguard harvested crops, enhancing food security for the villagers. The facilities require a collective donation of $175,000. The significance of your donation extends beyond monetary value. It represents a lifeline for Yanswule, that will not only quench their immediate thirst but also encourage long-term sustainability. Your generous donations will directly contribute to the construction of borehole water centers and storage facilities. In supporting The Peter Uba Foundation’s initiatives for Yanswule, you become an integral part of a transformative narrative, playing a role in bringing clean water and harvest storage solutions to a community that has endured hardships for far too long. Your donation demonstrates the immense power of collective compassion to uplift and empower children and families in need in Yanswule village.

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