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Ongoing Projects

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Project 1 – Maternal and Infant Health Programs – USA



Maternal and Infant mortality is a global phenomenon that should not exist, yet “each day, approximately 800 women die of preventable causes during childbirth and pregnancy…3/4 of newborn deaths occur in the first week of life”( MIH, n.d.). 


Georgia has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the United States which disproportionately affects women of color and women who live in the rural areas of the state. Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications in Georgia (Capstone, 2020).

Pregnant women in Georgia are faced with barriers to accessing quality care including a lack of health insurance coverage, sparse locations of healthcare providers in rural areas, and systemic racial and gender-based disparities. These inequities are the fire that flames the maternal mortality rates in this state.



The Peter Uba Foundation is addressing this issue within our communities by:

a) Investing in training programs for Midwives within the local communities.

b) Partnering with private and public entities who share our goal of improving maternal and infant health in Georgia.

c) Developing access to life-saving medical resources for trained midwives to administer to their patients, i.e., medications, vitamins, magnesium sulfate for eclampsia, and non-pneumatic anti-shock garments to combat hemorrhage. 


Infant Mortality Rate – Georgia

Similar to the maternal mortality rate in Georgia, the infant mortality rate amongst Black Infants is two times higher than white infants.

About 12.2 Black infants die per 1,000 live births compared to about 5.4 White infants.


At the Peter Uba Foundation we are working to:

a) Ensure that pregnant women receive prenatal care from the beginning of their pregnancy

b) Optimize infant safety once they arrive home

c) Address supportive community-level services for mothers and infants once they arrive home


Project 2 – Medical Aid in Georgia

a) Distribute life-saving medicines to communities where transportation is unavailable to reach clinics and hospitals.

b) Train locals on life-saving techniques such as CPR, seizure response, fractures, infections, and disease remedies, etc.

c) Equip clients with transportation systems, where possible, enabling them to reach a clinic or hospital for life-threatening illnesses. 


Project 3 – Upcoming Georgia Project: Poverty and Homelessness



Project 4 – Early Warning System (EWS) Program

We are developing training materials for our EWS Program, creating informational booklets, MP3 recordings, and diagrams for community members to utilize during and after training. These materials will be helpful to understand the nature of climate change and motivate our community members to prioritize EWS and disaster preparedness.



Project 5 – Volunteer Recruitment

The Peter Uba Foundation has an ongoing recruitment program. We welcome volunteers who have a passion for helping vulnerable populations through hands-on and virtual engagement. We have volunteers on the ground in the communities we serve and welcome more volunteers to help our causes. Please visit our Volunteer page for an application.


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